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Conflicts Between Marketing, Sales and CS Teams

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Izzy Guarino

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Navigating the intricate landscape of sales teams can be a challenge. How often have sales leaders heard about teams missing the mark when engaging with leads or failing to align their messaging? The disconnect between sales, marketing, and customer success (CS) teams can result in lost opportunities, miscommunication, and even conflicts. But fear not – there's a solution that takes a page from Disney's playbook to ensure seamless alignment and harmonious collaboration.

Weekly Checkpoints: Your Key to Harmony

Picture this: a routine that bridges the gap between sales, marketing, and CS teams, creating a symphony of collaboration. As a sales leader, your role becomes pivotal in orchestrating this harmonious interaction. Introducing weekly cross-team leaders' meetings – a dedicated time slot of 30 minutes where each team's progress and plans are shared.

Kicking off with marketing, these sessions offer insights into conversion metrics, numbers, and the challenges faced in meeting monthly quotas. Sales takes the baton, sharing their month's progress, prevailing objections, and potential assets for streamlining the sales process. Finally, the CS team takes the stage, highlighting churn risks, seeking sales' assistance in repositioning their solution, and uncovering upsell and expansion opportunities.

Sounds straightforward, right? However, the magic lies in HOW these messages are conveyed to the teams. Enter the Disney Institute – a master in crafting clear, impactful messages.

The Disney Approach: Crafting Clear Communication

At its core, miscommunication arises because messages are a shared responsibility between the speaker and the listener. It's like molding clay during a game of catch – each catch reshapes the message based on beliefs.

To tackle this, adopt a structured agenda for your team meetings, underlining the importance of the messages shared. After conveying the message, ask the crucial question: "What did you understand from what I've just said?" Clarity is key.

Decoding the "Why": The Power of Value-Proposition Keys

To truly resonate, messages must convey WHY they matter. This demands a strategic consensus among leaders on the most vital value-proposition keys for your company.

Take a leaf out of Disney's book. Their keys include safety, cordiality, entertainment, and efficiency. Safety is paramount – not just for visitors but also data security. 

Embrace Disney's approach and customize it to your business. Determine if process or customer experience takes precedence. Align these keys top-down through your leadership team for consistent messaging.

Suppose a miscommunication triggers friction within your teams. In that case, dissect the issue to understand what caused misalignment with processes or value-proposition keys. Assess the impacts and consequences, then chart a course for resolution.

Accountability is paramount. Hold a 1:1 with the CS manager to shoulder responsibility, not for the sales rep's error, but for any communication lapse. Share your solution to prevent recurrence.

In the intricate tapestry of sales teams, seamless alignment transforms challenges into victories. Learn from Disney Institute's playbook, creating a culture where every team member understands their role and resonates with your company's goals.

Ready to delve deeper into this strategy? Watch this session for an in-depth exploration. Embrace cross-team harmony and elevate your leadership prowess. Remember, united teams conquer challenges.

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