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Matt Doyon

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Did you know that according to recent statistics, having a dedicated Champion in your sales process significantly increases the likelihood of closing a deal? The "C" in the MEDDICC sales methodology is more than just a letter; it represents a key player in your buying committee, someone instrumental in securing victory. In this session, we'll explore the essential qualities that make a true Champion and delve into strategies to not only identify but also win them over to your side.

Understanding the Champion: Confirming the Commitment

Let's start by defining who a Champion truly is in the sales landscape. A Champion is a confirmed member of the buying committee with a vested interest, influence, and a willingness to take action. The confirmation is crucial; your Champion must be able to articulate why they are committed to working with you, providing a clear understanding of their motivations and dedication.

Key Elements of a Champion

  1. Confirmed Commitment: It's not just a casual "yes"; your Champion needs to confirm their commitment to your solution.
  2. Vested Interest: A genuine interest in the success of the entire team and business, not just personal gain.
  3. Influence: Possession of the power to influence others in the buying committee, especially the economic buyer.
  4. Action: The ability and willingness to take concrete steps, sell internally, and drive change.

Winning Over Your Champion: Navigating the Buyer's Journey

Now that you've identified the core elements of a Champion, the next challenge is winning them over. Consider your Champion as the queen on the chessboard – a powerful asset with the ability to move strategically. The buyer's journey starts with creating awareness.

Awareness Stage: Establishing the "Why"

Your Champion should articulate why change is necessary. Identify the problems and opportunities that need addressing, ensuring they align with the team's goals, not just personal objectives.

Consideration Stage: Defining the "What"

Your Champion needs a clear understanding of the solution. Work together to define the specific actions required to solve the identified problems and capitalize on opportunities.

Decision Stage: Securing the "How"

This is the crux where your Champion distinguishes themselves. They confirm that the only solution they want is yours. The trust and confidence they place in you make them a true Champion.

Diagnosing Your Champion: Three Archetypes

Not all Champions are the same. The book "The Challenger Customer" categorizes them into three types: Go Getter, Teacher, and Skeptic. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses is crucial for effective collaboration.

Go Getter

Strengths: Technical clarity, organization, and clear next steps.

Weaknesses: Difficulty in storytelling; needs support in presenting a compelling vision.


Strengths: Big-picture thinking, visionaries who can sell the future state.

Weaknesses: Detail-oriented tasks; require support with facts, figures, and data.


Strengths: Detail-oriented and thorough; adept at pressure testing.

Weaknesses: Challenges in presenting a compelling, emotional story; risk-averse.

Collaborating with Your Champion: A Co-Selling Approach

Your Champion is now your co-seller, and their collaboration is pivotal. Leverage their strengths to enhance different stages of the sales process.

  1. Metrics (M): Involve your Champion in detailing the metrics, providing data and performance information.
  2. Economic Buyer and Influencers: Your Champion can identify and detail all influencers, potential champions, and economic buyers.
  3. Decision Criteria and Process: Work closely with your Champion to understand and articulate the criteria and decision-making process.
  4. Competition (C): Your Champion becomes your best ally in overcoming competition, be it from other vendors or internal resistance.

In conclusion, recognizing and nurturing a Champion in your sales process is a game-changer. Understand their type, tailor your approach, and leverage their strengths to drive change and build consensus. Remember, your Champion isn't just a supporter; they are the key to unlocking success in the complex world of sales.

Watch this session to dive deeper into the nuances of working with different types of Champions and enhancing your sales strategy. Good luck with the quiz – practice truly makes progress.

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