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Building Cold Call Confidence

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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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Cold calling—it's a challenge that sales development representatives (SDRs) face daily. Initiating a conversation with a complete stranger can be daunting. To succeed in this challenging task, SDRs need one essential element: confidence. Cold calls depend more on how you communicate than the words you use. In this guide, we'll explore strategies to help SDRs build confidence and make successful cold calls.

The Role of Confidence in Cold Calling

When it comes to cold calling, confidence is paramount. Confidence is what separates masterful SDRs from the rest. It's your polished delivery, your demeanor, and your ability to establish a connection with prospects. In the world of sales, confidence is the key to initiating and maintaining fruitful conversations.

Understanding the Root of Precall Anxiety

In a previous session on cold calling fear, we delved into the factors that erode confidence before picking up the phone. It's essential to address these factors to boost confidence effectively. However, when cold calling, two main variables tend to shatter confidence: talking to strangers and asking them for something.

Out of these variables, the one you can control is "the ask." Let's explore three strategies to work on improving your confidence in cold calls.

1. Change the Size of the Ask

Instead of approaching a cold call with the mindset of winning the prospect over and booking a meeting, break it down into smaller, achievable wins. Focus on the first 30 seconds of the call, which is about gaining permission to continue the conversation. Your aim should be to make a confident and concise opening statement that piques the prospect's interest.

2. Reframe the Ask

Shift your perspective from "I want something from the prospect" to "I offer value to the prospect." Tell yourself that you're calling to solve a problem and share valuable insights. By adopting a giving mindset, you'll build positive empathy with the prospect, which is essential for confidence.

3. Disconnect from Outcomes

Paradoxically, to succeed in booking meetings, you must disconnect from the outcome of booking a meeting. Focusing too much on the end goal can create pressure and negatively impact your tone and confidence. Instead, focus on showing up with generosity, providing value, and letting the prospect decide whether they want to engage further.

While these strategies can set you on the path to confident cold calling, it's essential to remember that practice makes progress. Building confidence is an ongoing journey that requires consistent effort and practice. Hit the phones, make your calls, and apply these strategies in real-world scenarios.

In summary, confidence is the linchpin of successful cold calling for SDRs. By changing the size of the ask, reframing your mindset, and disconnecting from outcomes, you can build the confidence needed to excel in this challenging aspect of sales. To explore these strategies further and gain a deeper understanding, we invite you to watch our informative session on how to cold call with confidence. Watch this session to learn more about mastering the art of confident cold calling and take your SDR skills to the next level. Practice, refine your approach, and unlock your potential.

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