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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of sales, AI is making waves across every aspect of a sales rep's journey. However, one area where its impact is particularly pronounced is email communication. Traditional email strategies are being revolutionized by AI, offering valuable insights into what works and what doesn't. This session delves deep into a critical component of your email outreach: subject lines. Watch this session to unlock the secrets to crafting compelling subject lines using AI-driven techniques.

How to Write Email Subject Lines With AI

The objective of an email subject line is straightforward: to secure an open. Forget about eliciting a response, scheduling a meeting, or clinching a sale – for now. Subject lines are solely focused on enticing recipients to open your email. Thanks to AI's extensive analysis of millions of emails, we now have the blueprint for crafting high-performing subject lines that captivate and engage.

AI's Insights: The Dos and Don'ts

Before diving into the dos of subject line creation, let's tackle the don'ts. First off, avoid using names – whether yours or the prospect's. No more "Hey Matt" or constant repetition of names. Similarly, steer clear of numbers and percentages as they tend to come off as overtly salesy. Punctuation is another no-go – no question marks, exclamation points, or commas.

The key to an effective subject line lies in its brevity. Keep it to two or three words to ensure mobile-friendliness and create intrigue without giving away too much. Capitalize the first letter of each word to mimic a captivating title. Pattern interrupts – disjointed words or numbers – heighten curiosity, prompting recipients to uncover the story within.

Harness the CEO's influence with personalized subject lines. By incorporating the CEO's name, you create an immediate connection, stimulating curiosity about their comments. This technique segues seamlessly into snowball prospecting, a strategy that leverages information gained from one prospect to engage another. For instance, referencing a previous interaction or referral from a colleague can exponentially boost open rates.

Complex vocabulary has no place in subject lines. Simplicity is key, with a reading level of a fourth-grader as the ideal target. Avoid divulging all the details – subject lines are teasers, not full stories. Embrace experimentation; test different variations to uncover what resonates best with your audience. Remember, the measure of success is the open rate.

As AI continues to reshape the sales landscape, mastering the art of subject lines is an essential skill for any sales rep. This session uncovers the strategies that work, enabling you to create subject lines that demand attention and incite action. Delve into the intricacies of crafting engaging subject lines with the guidance of AI insights. Elevate your sales email game and make sure your emails are being opened, giving you the chance to truly connect with your prospects.

Ready to become a subject line maestro? Watch this session to learn how AI can revolutionize your email outreach strategy. Remember, progress comes with practice, and every email you send is an opportunity to hone your skills. So, gear up, embrace AI, and watch your open rates soar!

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