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Tim Kintz

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Sales leadership is a dynamic and demanding role that requires a strategic approach to drive success. In the fast-paced world of dealership management, sales leaders often find themselves grappling with numerous challenges, from managing deals to handling customer concerns. However, to truly excel in this role, prioritizing tasks and focusing on people are key.

In the quest for increased productivity, sales leaders sometimes lose sight of what truly matters—their sales team. Sales managers wear many hats, but at the heart of their role lies the responsibility of nurturing and guiding their salespeople. Recognizing this, successful sales leaders emphasize the importance of prioritizing their team's growth and development.

In a recent insightful session, renowned sales expert Tim Kintz highlighted that being a role model is paramount for sales leaders. Lead by example, be the first one in, and exhibit a positive attitude. Your team looks up to you, mirroring your behavior. By making your sales team your foremost priority, you create an environment where they can thrive.

1. Be Early. 

2. Be Fired up.

3. Morning Group Training

4. Individual 1 on 1's

5. Engage Throughout the Day with your Salespeople 

6. Involvement Early and Often on Sales Deals

When you step into the sales manager's shoes, your daily routine shapes your team's performance. Start each day by asking yourself: "What can I do today to make my team better than yesterday?" This question compels you to focus on vital tasks like training and one-on-one interactions. Spending even five to twenty minutes in a one-on-one discussion can foster rapport, boost morale, and provide valuable insights into each team member's progress.

Kintz emphasized that a structured approach is vital. The Sales Professional's Quarterly Playbook, for instance, is a powerful tool to ensure consistency and keep your sales team on track. Having a clear plan in place, which can also be adapted to your needs, fosters organization and effectiveness.

Staying Engaged Throughout the Day**

One of the most common pitfalls for sales managers is losing touch with their team amid the chaos of daily operations. Remember, salespeople don't have bad months; they have bad hours that snowball into bad days. To prevent this, set reminders every two hours to step away from your desk and engage with your team on the floor.

Kintz's advice centers on the importance of being present during critical moments. Regularly involve yourself in customer interactions. Initiate early management introductions and jump into negotiations if necessary. By doing so, you equip your team to excel in every stage of the sales process.

The key takeaway from Kintz's session is clear: prioritize people, and the rest will follow suit. Your team's growth and development are the cornerstones of success in sales leadership. Whether you're implementing the Sales Professional's Quarterly Playbook or setting reminders for engagement, the approach is consistent: focus on your team's needs.

To delve deeper into this transformative approach to sales leadership, watch the full video session led by Tim Kintz. Learn how prioritizing your sales team and refining your daily routine can lead to more effective and productive outcomes. Equip yourself with the insights and strategies to elevate your sales leadership game.

Sales leadership is a multifaceted role that requires a balanced approach. In the quest for heightened productivity and effectiveness, don't lose sight of your most valuable asset—your salespeople. By setting an example, focusing on structured routines, and staying engaged throughout the day, you can drive significant improvements in your team's performance.

To explore these concepts further and gain actionable insights, we invite you to watch Tim Kintz's enlightening session on mastering daily routines for sales managers. Equip yourself with strategies that prioritize your team and enhance your sales leadership journey. Plan your work, work your plan, and watch your team flourish.

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