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9 Tips If Your Sales Team Is Not Performing

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Marc Wayshak

Founder, Author & Sales Strategist

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To nurture a robust sales culture has never been more crucial. As statistics highlight the rapid changes in the corporate world, it's evident that staying ahead demands cultivating a high-performing sales team. This journey to excellence is often fraught with challenges and uncertainties. A paramount concern faced by sales leaders is how to address the situation when their sales team is not delivering the expected results.

The statistics underscore the magnitude of the challenge. With nearly half of all S&P 500 firms predicted to be replaced by 2027, adapting to change has become a survival imperative. In this dynamic environment, sales teams must excel to ensure the company's longevity and prosperity.

Tactical Strategies for Sales Leaders

The first step is self-examination. Sales leaders should begin by evaluating the existing team composition. Are all team members aligned with the organization's goals and values? It's crucial to determine whether any adjustments are needed, including reassignment or letting go of individuals who don't align with the team's ethos. Focus on a team that is receptive to coaching and committed to implementing strategies.

The hiring process is pivotal in establishing a high-performing team. Sales leaders should ensure that the hiring process is systematic and rigorous. Incorporate various assessment tools, such as behavioral assessments and role-play scenarios, to ensure the selected candidates possess both behavioral compatibility and cognitive aptitude for the role.

Understanding the mathematics behind sales growth is vital. There are three primary ways to boost sales: increasing the conversion rate, augmenting the average sale size, and expanding the sales pipeline. Recognizing that increasing each element by a mere 26% can double sales provides a roadmap to achieving exponential growth.

Effective prospecting doesn't entail haphazard cold calls. Leverage a comprehensive prospecting campaign that combines emails, phone calls, LinkedIn interactions, and more. Craft a thoughtful journey for prospects, focusing on creating value and intrigue, to maximize the effectiveness of each interaction.

Implement a Structured Sales Process

Structure is a cornerstone of success. Develop a streamlined sales process that guides salespeople from initial contact through discovery, presentation, proposal, and onboarding. A structured process minimizes divergence and ensures a cohesive sales philosophy throughout the team.

The number of discovery meetings scheduled is a critical KPI. It's a leading indicator of future success. Regularly track this metric to gauge salespeople's prospecting efforts. A robust pipeline of discovery meetings often leads to sustainable success.

Enable your CRM to provide insights into sales activities. Transparency is key to accountability. Use CRM data to track progress, measure activity, and ensure adherence to the structured sales process.

Meetings should be structured and purposeful. Clearly define meeting agendas and set actionable commitments for salespeople. Consistency is key; run meetings regularly to ensure accountability and progress tracking.


Coaching should be an intentional process. Instead of dictating solutions, use questioning techniques to guide salespeople to self-discover improvements. Establish a systematic coaching approach that fosters autonomy and continuous development.

Curious to delve deeper into these strategies and see them in action? This comprehensive sales management session unveils the nine strategies that can transform your sales culture. Learn how to assess your team effectively, optimize your hiring process, and harness strategic math to drive growth. Uncover the power of leveraged prospecting and structured sales processes, and master the art of coaching with intention. These strategies are not just theories; they are the proven building blocks of a world-class sales culture.

Ready to supercharge your sales team's performance? Watch this session to discover the tactics that can elevate your sales culture to new heights. As you implement these strategies, you'll witness a transformation that not only boosts sales but also creates a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity, and these strategies are your roadmap to success. Watch this session to learn more about the powerful strategies that will reshape your sales team's trajectory.

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