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Team Meetings

8 Tips for Running More Effective Team Meetings

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Kyle Ingham

Founder, The Distilled Man

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Sales leaders often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities, and one of the most critical aspects of their role is running effective meetings. Inefficient meetings can be a drain on both time and resources, impacting your team's productivity. Kyle Ingham, Founder of The Distilled Man, shares eight expert tips on how sales leaders can ensure their meetings are not only productive but also efficient.

1. Assess the Necessity of the Meeting

Before scheduling a meeting, it's essential to determine whether it's truly necessary. Some topics may be better suited for individual discussions or handled offline. If the objective is to gain feedback on a lengthy document, consider whether a meeting with multiple participants is the most efficient approach. Be selective in choosing when to convene a meeting.

2. Invite Only Key Participants

Meetings consume valuable time and resources. Recognize that the cost of a meeting extends beyond the duration of the meeting itself. It's important to invite only those individuals who are essential to the discussion. One way to address this diplomatically is to assign delegates from each department, ensuring representation without overloading the meeting.

3. Set Clear Expectations

To run an efficient meeting, sales leaders must define the meeting's purpose clearly. Is the goal to make decisions, gain consensus, or gather input? Communicate the meeting's objective to participants well in advance. While shorter meetings may not require a written agenda, longer ones should have a detailed agenda distributed before the meeting. This helps participants prepare and align their expectations.

4. Leverage Pre-Meeting Engagement

Efficiency begins before the meeting's start time. Sales leaders can enhance productivity by engaging with participants before the meeting. For instance, when seeking feedback on a presentation or document, send it out well in advance, set clear expectations for input, and encourage participants to provide feedback before the meeting. This can lead to more focused and possibly shorter meetings.

5. Consider Pre-Wiring Important Meetings

Pre-wiring meetings involve proactively gaining alignment and addressing concerns with key participants before the actual meeting. This approach is particularly valuable for discussions involving sensitive or critical topics. By addressing issues beforehand, you can reduce the potential for conflict during the meeting, ensuring a smoother and more productive discussion.

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8. A Sweet Gesture: Bring Donuts

While it may seem unconventional, a simple gesture like bringing donuts to a meeting can foster positivity and engagement. It's a light-hearted way to create a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere, especially during internal team meetings. People appreciate the effort and often respond positively when there are donuts involved!

Running efficient meetings is a skill that every sales leader should master. By assessing the necessity of meetings, inviting the right participants, setting clear expectations, engaging before the meeting, considering pre-wiring, actively managing discussions, documenting action items, and even bringing donuts, sales leaders can ensure that their meetings are not only productive but also enjoyable.

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