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7 Most Common Sales Objections (and How to Overcome Them)

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Marc Wayshak

Founder, Author & Sales Strategist

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Do you often find yourself stumbling when a prospect throws a sales objection your way? You're not alone. Many sales professionals encounter objections, which can be a major roadblock in closing deals. However, effectively handling these objections can dramatically increase your success rate. This session covers seven common sales objections and provides strategies to overcome them, ensuring you're equipped to handle these challenges skillfully.

1. "Your Price is Too High"

Hearing that your price is too high is common in sales, but it often boils down to perceived value. To avoid this, focus on the value your service or product provides. If you still encounter this objection, don't go into defensive mode. Instead, listen and ask the prospect to elaborate on why they feel the price is high. This approach opens the door to discuss their challenges and re-emphasize the value you offer.

2. "I Need to Think About It"

This objection is typically a sign that you haven't established enough value or understood their

decision-making process. Avoid this by ensuring you're constantly building value and understanding their needs throughout the sales journey. If the objection arises, encourage them to share what specific aspects they need to think about, allowing you to address any underlying concerns directly.

3. "I Need to Run This By..."

Hearing a prospect say they need to consult with someone else indicates a missed step in the discovery phase. It's crucial to understand the decision-making process early on. Inquire about who else is involved in the decision and offer to include them in future discussions, ensuring you're addressing all decision-makers.

4. "I Can't Afford It"

This objection often arises when there's a misalignment between the prospect's budget and your pricing. It's essential to establish budget expectations early in the conversation. If this objection still surfaces, empathize and then delve deeper into their financial considerations, helping them see the investment's value.

5. "We're Already Working with Someone Else"

If a prospect is already working with a competitor, it's vital to understand what improvements they seek. Ask what the current provider could do better, and then position your offering as a solution that addresses these gaps. This approach transforms the objection into an opportunity to highlight your unique value proposition.

6. "We Don't Have the Budget"

Similar to the affordability objection, a lack of budget indicates that you may not have effectively communicated the value or understood their financial constraints. Address this by discussing the project's importance and priorities, helping the prospect see the investment's long-term benefits.

7. "I'm Too Busy Right Now"

This objection is often a polite way of saying your offering isn't a priority. Address this by acknowledging their busy schedule and then reframing the conversation around the importance and urgency of addressing their challenges. Help them see that delaying could result in missed opportunities or ongoing issues.

Patterns in Overcoming Objections

Across all these objections, a common pattern emerges: don't confront or argue. Instead, acknowledge the objection, then delve deeper into the underlying reasons. This approach transforms objections into dialogues, allowing you to realign the conversation towards the value and benefits of your offering.

Building a Teflon Sales Strategy

Developing a resilient sales strategy means anticipating these objections and having ready responses. This doesn't mean having scripted answers but rather a flexible approach that lets you pivot and address concerns as they arise, keeping the conversation productive and on track towards a successful close.

Mastering the art of handling sales objections is crucial for any sales professional. By understanding these common objections and knowing how to address them, you can turn potential deal-breakers into opportunities for deeper engagement and successful closes.

To dive deeper into each of these objections and explore more strategies for overcoming them, watch this session. It provides a detailed breakdown of each objection and offers practical tips and techniques to enhance your sales conversations. Don't let objections derail your sales efforts – watch this session to learn more about effectively handling common sales objections!

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