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7 Keys to Lead Generation & Sales Prospecting

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Patrick Dang

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In the realm of sales, lead generation is the lifeblood that keeps the business flowing. Without the ability to generate meetings with your dream clients, the sales process is stalled. Patrick Dang, a seasoned sales professional with experience at Oracle, in startups, and running his own business, shares seven crucial keys to master lead generation. Discover these invaluable lessons to start generating more appointments with your dream clients and close more deals. Watch this enlightening video until the end for a deep dive into these seven keys, each a priceless gem from Patrick's extensive sales career.

1. Reach for Success: Send 75 Outreach Per Day

The foundation of successful lead generation involves consistency and volume. When sending cold emails or LinkedIn messages, aim for a minimum of 75 outreach attempts daily. This magic number helps maximize your potential outreach while maintaining the balance between effectiveness and not appearing spammy.

Pro Tip: Never exceed 75 daily outreach attempts to avoid the risk of domain address issues for cold email or being banned from LinkedIn for exceeding limits.

2. Write with a Friendly Tone

One common mistake in lead generation is using overly formal language. To foster connections with prospects, it's crucial to maintain a professional yet friendly tone. Write as if you are addressing a friend, offering a balance between casual and professional language. This approach can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your outreach.

3. Less Is More: Keep Your Message Concise

The goal of your cold emails and LinkedIn messages should be clear and straightforward: book a meeting. Avoid overwhelming your prospects with excessive information or attachments. Focus on understanding the prospect's problems, provide a brief teaser on your potential solutions, and request a meeting in a concise and compelling manner.

4. Always Include a Clear Call to Action

Every successful lead generation message should conclude with a clear call to action. Whether it's providing a link to your calendar or asking for their availability, your prospects should know precisely what step to take next if they're interested.

Note: Avoid vague language like "Let me know" and opt for specific, actionable requests, such as "Book a meeting."

5. Don't Skip the Follow-Up

One of the most common reasons for the ineffectiveness of lead generation efforts is neglecting the follow-up. Ensure that you have a structured follow-up sequence in place, reaching out multiple times if necessary. The magic often lies in the persistence and follow-up process.

6. Double Down on What Works

Amidst the myriad lead generation methods available, it's essential to identify what works for you and double down on it. If you find success with a particular method, focus your efforts on scaling it further rather than diverting your attention to multiple channels. Consistency and optimization are key.

7. Enjoy the Journey: Have Fun

While lead generation can be challenging, it's vital to maintain an element of enjoyment in your approach. Find ways to make it engaging, perhaps by gamifying the process or experimenting with different strategies. A positive attitude towards the journey will enhance your consistency and results.

Lead generation is a dynamic field, and mastering it is an ongoing process. Patrick Dang's seven keys provide a solid foundation to embark on your lead generation journey. Embrace these keys to unlock opportunities, connect with dream clients, and fill your calendar with promising meetings.

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