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6 Success Traits Hiring Managers MUST Look For

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Don Georgevich

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As a sales leader responsible for hiring top talent, the ability to read people effectively is a crucial skill. Whether you're a hiring manager, business owner, or director of human resources, accurately assessing job candidates is essential in building a successful sales team. In this session, you will explore the six predictive success traits shared by expert Don Georgevich that enable you to assess candidates quickly and make informed hiring decisions.

One of the key success traits discussed is body language—a powerful tool for understanding individuals and identifying great sales reps. To learn more about this topic and become a more effective interviewer, do this insightful video session.

The Power of Body Language in Hiring

Body language is a critical aspect of human communication, often revealing more about a person's thoughts and emotions than their words. For sales leaders, the ability to read and interpret candidates' body language during interviews can provide valuable insights into their authenticity and potential as sales reps.

Identifying Authenticity and Confidence

Confidence is a sought-after trait in sales reps, and body language can reveal a great deal about a candidate's level of self-assurance. During an interview, observe whether the candidate's posture conveys confidence and enthusiasm when discussing their achievements. Maintaining eye contact, using hand gestures, and speaking clearly are positive signs of authenticity and self-assuredness.

Detecting Deception and Discomfort

On the flip side, signs of discomfort or deception can also be discerned through body language. Averting eye contact, fidgeting, or slouching may indicate that a candidate is not entirely truthful or may lack confidence in their claims. By paying attention to these cues, sales leaders can avoid being misled by candidates who may not be the right fit for the role.

The Role of Hand Movements and Gestures

Hand movements and gestures can offer valuable insights into a candidate's communication style and personality. Candidates who use open and expressive hand gestures may be perceived as more engaging and charismatic, making them potential assets in sales roles that require strong interpersonal skills.

The Impact of Vocal Tone and Pitch

In addition to body language, vocal tone and pitch can reveal a candidate's emotions and level of enthusiasm. Sales leaders should listen carefully to the candidate's tone of voice and how it changes throughout the conversation. A positive and enthusiastic tone can be a strong indicator of a candidate's genuine interest and passion for the role.

Making Informed Hiring Decisions

By honing the skill of reading body language, sales leaders can make more informed hiring decisions in as little as five or ten minutes of conversation. Understanding the subtle nuances of nonverbal communication empowers sales leaders to identify the best-suited candidates for their sales teams.

As a sales leader, the ability to read and interpret candidates' body language during interviews is a valuable skill in identifying great sales reps. Understanding the subtle cues and signals of nonverbal communication empowers sales leaders to assess authenticity, confidence, and potential success in candidates. By mastering body language reading and the other predictive success traits, sales leaders can build a strong and effective sales team that drives business success. To gain deeper insights into this topic, do this session and elevate your hiring process to new heights. Embrace the power of body language and make informed decisions in selecting the best sales talent for your team.

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