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Emotional Intelligence

3 Strategies for Becoming More Self-aware

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Dr. Tasha Eurich

Author, Orgnaization Psychologist, Executive Coach

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In the dynamic world of sales, self-awareness is a game-changer. Successful sales representatives are not just skilled in closing deals; they are also acutely aware of their strengths, weaknesses, and the impact they have on their team and clients. This article explores three potent strategies to help sales reps elevate their self-awareness and achieve transformative results.

Embracing the Truth: The Braver but Wiser Mindset

To embark on the journey of heightened self-awareness, a sales rep must first adopt the braver but wiser mindset. This mindset involves making a resolute decision to seek the truth about oneself. Research, as detailed in Daniel Goleman's book, emphasizes the importance of acknowledging that there's always room for improvement. It's not about being critical but recognizing the potential for growth.

Tip: Consciously tell yourself, "I want to know the truth." This simple affirmation sets the stage for a mindset shift that paves the way for significant self-awareness improvements.

The Power of External Insight: Seeking Feedback

In the realm of self-awareness, external perspectives are invaluable. People around us often see aspects of our behavior that we might overlook. For sales reps striving to enhance their self-awareness, seeking feedback becomes a crucial tool.

According to studies highlighted by Harvard Business Review, feedback from colleagues, clients, and supervisors is a powerful catalyst for self-discovery. The ability to accept constructive criticism and leverage it for personal and professional development is a hallmark of a self-aware sales rep.

Tip: Actively request feedback from peers and clients. Embrace the insights offered, even if they challenge your perceptions. Remember, constructive criticism is a pathway to growth.

Beyond Why: The What, Not Why Approach

When delving into self-awareness, many individuals fall into the trap of asking themselves why questions. Why did I lose that sale? Why did I react that way in a meeting? However, according to the findings shared by Dr. Tasha Eurich, these 'why' questions often yield limited insight.

A counterintuitive but effective strategy is to shift focus to 'what' questions. Instead of pondering why a certain situation occurred, ask what actions can be taken to navigate and improve it. This 'what, not why' approach fosters a forward-thinking mindset, propelling sales reps towards solutions rather than dwelling on past actions.

Tip: When facing a challenge, ask yourself, "What can I do differently to overcome this?" This proactive approach directs energy towards actionable steps for improvement.

Real-World Success Story: Steve's Transformation

Illustrating the impact of heightened self-awareness is Steve, an executive featured in Daniel Goleman's research. Despite perceiving himself as remarkable, Steve's leadership was marred by intimidation and ineffective communication. Upon embracing feedback and the 'what, not why' approach, Steve underwent a remarkable transformation.

Through understanding his team's perspective, Steve identified areas of improvement such as asking questions, showing empathy, and cultivating compassion. This not only elevated his personal performance but also transformed his team and, subsequently, the overall function's effectiveness.

For an in-depth exploration of these self-awareness strategies tailored for sales reps, watch the session. Gain insights from experts in the field and discover how embracing a braver but wiser mindset, seeking external feedback, and adopting the 'what, not why' approach can propel your sales journey to new heights.

In conclusion, self-awareness is a cornerstone of success for sales reps. By adopting these strategies, sales professionals can unlock their full potential, fostering personal growth and achieving unparalleled results in the competitive world of sales. Remember, the journey to becoming more self-aware is ongoing, and each step taken brings you closer to realizing your true capabilities.

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