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3 Proven Cold Email Examples to Land Clients Fast

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In the competitive world of sales, cold emailing can be a game-changer when done right. If your cold emailing efforts have left you frustrated and empty-handed, fear not. By the time you finish watching this session, you'll be equipped with the precise cold email strategies you need to not only succeed but thrive in your sales endeavors. For more actionable tips on growing your freelance business and boosting your income, make sure to subscribe and click the notification bell to stay updated with our weekly videos every Thursday.

Effective cold emailing is an art that can significantly enhance your conversion rates. The methods shared in this session have been tried and tested, delivering remarkable results to freelancers who have meticulously followed these steps. Many have experienced a rapid surge of 25% to 50% in their conversion rates. Now, let's dive straight into the heart of successful cold emailing and dissect a proven template that you can implement right away.

How To Write Cold Emails

The subject line serves as your first impression and holds the power to captivate your recipient's attention. Simplicity is key here. Avoid elaborate and spammy subject lines. A straightforward, informative approach is most effective. For instance, "Writing for [Company Name]" delivers clarity and professionalism. Remember, testing different subject lines is encouraged, but focus on proven approaches to ensure immediate success.

Pro tip: Dodge trigger words that can land your email in spam or promotional folders. Words like "money," "discount," "cheap," and "sale" should be avoided at all costs.

Time is precious. Skip pleasantries and cut to the chase. Your cold email recipients are likely to appreciate your directness. Avoid unnecessary fluff, and get to the core of your message. Craft an email body that's focused on the recipient, outlining how they stand to benefit from your services. Shift the spotlight from yourself to them. For example, "I’m a writer named Megan. I’m interested in creating blog content with [Company Name]. I specialize in boosting website traffic and enhancing keyword rankings."

The goal is to emphasize how your services cater to their needs and interests. Keep it concise and value-driven.

The CTA is a deal-maker or breaker. Emails that incorporate CTAs garner significantly higher engagement and conversion rates. Rather than ending with vague phrases like "Hope to hear from you soon," opt for a specific CTA that propels the conversation forward. "Do you have time this Thursday between 12:00 and 4:00 for a 10-minute call?" stands out as a clear, actionable CTA.

Specificity not only makes it easier for your recipient to respond but also moves the relationship forward, ultimately leading to a phone call where closures are more likely.

Signature for Cold Emails

A personalized signature block adds a professional touch to your emails. Instead of using generic closings, customize a signature block that contains essential details—your name, company name, role, phone number, and website URL. Including a professional headshot adds authenticity and helps your recipient connect a face with your name.

Signature blocks are crucial in leaving a lasting impression and conveying professionalism. Use tools like HubSpot’s email signature generator for ease and style.

The journey doesn't end with crafting a stellar cold email template. The real magic lies in personalization. Every recipient deserves an email tailored to their needs. However, creating each email from scratch is both time-consuming and unnecessary. Our bonus resource offers five proven cold email templates with detailed breakdowns, enabling you to copy and paste while retaining the personal touch. These templates are tried-and-true, having played a pivotal role in scaling agencies to remarkable five-figure monthly revenues.

Unlock the potential of cold emailing in your sales arsenal. Whether you're a freelance writer, graphic designer, web developer, or consultant, cold emailing can be the catalyst for securing new clients. Access the downloadable templates by clicking on the links in the description below. Cold emailing could redefine your business trajectory, propelling you toward unparalleled success. 

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