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10 Best Interview Questions to Reveal Behavioral Quirks

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Vanessa Van Edwards

Bestselling Author, Speaker & Creator of People School

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In the fast-paced world of sales, assembling a team of top-notch salespeople is essential for success. However, finding the right candidates who possess not only the right skills but also the right personality and values can be challenging.

Renowned behavioral expert Vanessa Van Edwards has shared her ten favorite interview questions to help sales leaders assess candidates quickly and build lasting rapport. By incorporating these behavioral interviewing techniques, interviewers can reveal a candidate's true personality, motivations, and values to make more informed hiring decisions.

1. Changing Perspectives: Uncovering Adaptability

The first question focuses on something the candidate used to believe but no longer does. This inquiry highlights their ability to embrace change and open-mindedness, crucial qualities in a rapidly evolving sales environment. Candidates who can adapt to new situations demonstrate a valuable trait that can lead to success in sales.

2. Strategic Understanding: Competitors and Differentiation

Another question probes into the candidate's knowledge of their previous company's competitors and how their company differentiated itself. This reveals the candidate's strategic thinking and awareness of the market landscape. Sales leaders can gain insights into their ability to analyze competitors and position their offerings effectively.

3. Best and Worst Days at Work: Outlook and Teamwork Skills

Van Edwards includes questions about the candidate's best and worst days at work. These inquiries provide valuable insights into their outlook and ability to handle challenges. Understanding how they navigate difficult situations and work with others helps gauge their teamwork skills and overall compatibility with the sales team.

4. Relationship with Current Boss: Interpersonal Skills

Inquiring about the candidate's relationship with their current boss offers a glimpse into their interpersonal skills and how they handle authority figures. Positive relationships with superiors can indicate strong communication and teamwork abilities, while negative experiences may highlight potential issues with collaboration.

5. Outside-of-Work Activities: Cultural Fit and Well-Roundedness

Asking about the candidate's activities outside of work helps assess cultural fit and well-roundedness. Engaging in diverse hobbies and interests can suggest a candidate's ability to balance work and personal life, contributing positively to their overall performance and satisfaction.

6. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Behavioral interview questions also explore a candidate's critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Sales leaders can gain insights into how candidates approach challenges and find creative solutions, vital abilities in the competitive sales landscape.

7. Memory Skills: Attention to Detail

Memory-related questions provide a glimpse into a candidate's attention to detail and ability to retain information. Strong memory skills can be advantageous in sales, where product knowledge and customer preferences play a crucial role.

8. Motivations: Uncovering What Drives the Candidate

Understanding a candidate's motivations is essential in hiring the best salespeople. Sales leaders can gain insights into whether the candidate is genuinely passionate about the industry and the role, increasing the likelihood of long-term commitment and success.

9. Conflict Resolution: Handling Challenges Professionally

Inquiring about how candidates handle conflicts reveals their conflict resolution skills and emotional intelligence. Sales leaders can assess their ability to navigate challenging situations with professionalism and maintain productive working relationships.

10. Additional Information: Allowing Candidates to Shine

Van Edwards emphasizes the importance of giving candidates the opportunity to share additional information. This question allows candidates to highlight aspects they feel are relevant to the role, providing a holistic view of their qualifications.

Observing Nonverbal Cues: Uncovering Subtle Insights

Throughout the interview process, Van Edwards advises sales leaders to pay attention to candidates' nonverbal cues and behavior. Nonverbal communication can reveal valuable insights about a candidate's personality, confidence, and authenticity.

Incorporating Vanessa Van Edwards' Behavioral Interviewing Techniques into your hiring process empowers sales leaders to uncover the true nature, motivations, and values of candidates. By asking targeted questions that delve beyond skillsets, interviewers can make informed decisions and assemble a top-performing sales team.

For a deeper understanding of Vanessa Van Edwards' Behavioral Interviewing Techniques and how to implement them effectively, watch this enlightening session. Discover the secrets to identifying true talent and making well-informed hiring decisions for your sales team. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from a behavioral expert and revolutionize your recruitment process.

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