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This course covers everything from the history and main concepts of Stoicism to practical techniques for building resilience and emotional intelligence in your professional and personal life.

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This course has sessions from
Ryan Holiday and more.
What's included
  • 10 bite-sized video sessions
  • Gamified quiz after each session
  • Downloadable resources
"Stoicism has changed my approach to challenges at work"
"I have combined Stoic techniques with meditation and the results are amazing"

Who is this course for?


Professionals seeking to apply Stoic principles for greater emotional intelligence and resilience.


Leaders looking for philosophical guidance to enhance their decision-making and leadership style.


Individuals interested in personal growth and how Stoicism can provide a pathway to achieving a better life.

What you'll learn

Course content overview

10 sessions
  • Where to Start with Stoicism (9 Exercises)

    9 min
  • 7 Life Changing Stoic Ideas That You Can Practice Daily

    8 min
  • 8 Stoic Habits for Becoming Your Best Self

    9 min
  • 9 Stoic Rules for A Better Life (from Marcus Aurelius)

    10 min
  • 10 Stoic Teachings of Marcus Aurelius We Desperately Need Today

    10 min
  • How The Stoics Dealt with Anxiety (10 Strategies)

    11 min
  • 8 Stoic Don'ts for A Better Life From The Daily Stoic

    8 min
  • Book Summary: The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday

    9 min
  • Book Summary: EGO IS THE ENEMY by Ryan Holiday

    7 min
  • Book Summary: THE DAILY STOIC by Ryan Holiday

    8 min

Integrate Stoicism into Your Professional Life

Learn Stoicism’s Core Principles

Understand the foundation of Stoicism, its history, and the key figures who shaped this philosophy.

Apply Stoic Ethics, Logic, and Physics

Discover how Stoic teachings on ethics, logic, and physics can guide your professional and personal journey.

Practice Stoic Techniques

Master Stoic techniques like negative visualization, mindfulness, and self-reflection to enhance your resilience.

Achieve Emotional Intelligence

Learn how Stoicism fosters emotional intelligence, helping you to navigate professional challenges with greater ease.

What other sales reps are saying

“There's so much I need to be at the top of my game when selling, from prospecting to rapport-building, running great discovery, presenting, negotiating, not to mention general professional skills like time management and emotional intelligence. With Triple Session, I find everything I need to learn and practice in one place and it's easy to track progress.”

Julia Moss
Account Executive

“The Triple Session training has been an invaluable asset for me as an Account Executive When you have been an AE for a while you can start getting complacent with your sales process. This training was key to helping me refine my skills in getting much deeper in discovery, selling to decision-makers, and closing bigger deals.”

Rudi Ribeiro
Principal Account Executive

“I have been using Triple Session since I was a junior Salesrep to learn the whole sales process and everything related. Today, as a Senior BDM, it continues to help me at the same level in sharpening all my skills- from the basic to the advanced ones. Definitely is a tool which helps me to deliver at the highest level.”

Maria Valadares
Senior Business Development Manager


Boost your sales results with the science of learning

We built Triple Session to replace boring and outdated sales training that just doesn't work. How? Using the science of micro-learning and habit-building.


Learn complex sales concepts turned into easy-to-digest lessons packed with actionable tactics, from 2 to 12 minutes each.


Take a quiz after each lesson with immediate feedback on your answers, consolidating what you learned from the instructor.


Review score and accuracy to understand your performance, and stay accountable with weekly training goals and competition.