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Sales Leadership

A skilled sales leader can inspire and motivate their team, foster a positive work environment, and navigate intricate interpersonal dynamics with finesse.

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This course has sessions from
Jacco van der Kooij, Viktoria Babisashvili, Matt Doyon and more.
What's included
  • 56 bite-sized video sessions
  • Gamified quiz after each session
  • Downloadable resources
"extremly helpfup when transitioning into a sales manager role"
"It was a great refresher for me, even after years of experience as a director"

Who is this course for?


Emerging sales managers seeking to elevate their leadership capabilities and inspire team excellence.


Experienced sales directors looking to refine their strategic approach and harness the latest in sales technology and trends.


Aspiring leaders within the sales domain aiming to build foundational skills in people management and strategic sales planning.

What you'll learn


1 sessions
  • Introdution to The Leadership Career

    3 min

Onboarding Triple Session

4 sessions
  • Coaching and 1:1s with Triple Session

    2 min
  • 3 by 3 Methodology

    4 min
  • Finding The Best Candidate with Triplesession

    5 min
  • Hiring and Onboarding with Triple Session

    5 min

Sales Team Structure

9 sessions
  • Sales Team Structure

    3 min
  • 8 Saas Pricing Models Explained in Under 3 Minutes From Binary Stream Software

    2 min
  • Quantitative Sales Forecasting 3 Point Moving Average

    8 min
  • How to Create a Sales Process

    14 min
  • What Is Accrual Accounting? From Dan Martell

    10 min
  • The Wrong Way to Create a Sales Team

    4 min
  • Saas Metrics: The ULTIMATE Guide to Software as a Service Kpis

    16 min
  • The Difference Between Leading and Lagging Indicators

    3 min
  • Who Owns Upsells: Sales or Customer Success?

    7 min

Motivation and Culture

8 sessions
  • How to Create a Work Culture

    12 min
  • 5 Best Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

    9 min
  • How to Run a Sales Kickoff

    6 min
  • Sales Team’s Compensation Plan

    7 min
  • A Day in The Life of a Sales Manager

    5 min
  • How to to Be an Introvert Leader

    2 min
  • What You Shouldn't Do as a Leader

    10 min
  • Conflict Resolution Skills

    14 min


14 sessions
  • How to Coach Salespeople to Sell More

    6 min
  • How to Structure Role Play

    4 min
  • Inspiring Vs Managerial Leadership

    6 min
  • How to Become a Great Sales Coach

    4 min
  • Building Your Inner Coach

    17 min
  • Metrics of Productivity (2 of 4)

    6 min
  • Sales Management Training: How to Coach Your Team

    4 min
  • Training Does Not Improve Productivity (4 of 4)

    3 min
  • Role of The Manager Has Changed (1 of 4)

    5 min
  • Sales Role Plays: Closed Vs. Open Ended Questions

    4 min
  • The Model for Measuring Productivity (3 of 4)

    7 min
  • Learn How to Tell Legendary Stories Like Steve Jobs

    7 min
  • Knowledge Vs. Skill and The Importance of Coaching

    5 min
  • How to Coach with AI

    3 min

Sales Meetings

6 sessions
  • Bi-weekly and Weekly Team Meeting Agendas

    4 min
  • The Perfect Weekly Saas Team Meeting Agenda

    10 min
  • Team Meeting Ideas to Generate Strategic Value

    2 min
  • Motivational Sales Team Meeting Ideas

    3 min
  • Setting a Sales Team Meeting Agenda

    4 min
  • 5 Things to Cover in Weekly Team Meetings

    9 min

Giving Feedback

2 sessions
  • How to Say Anything to Anyone

    14 min
  • Giving Feedback: Radical Candor

    14 min

Dealing with conflict

3 sessions
  • 9 Tips If Your Sales Team Is Not Performing

    18 min
  • Conflicts Between Marketing, Sales and CS Teams

    7 min
  • Conflict Between Reps

    7 min


5 sessions
  • 10 Best Interview Questions to Reveal Behavioral Quirks

    12 min
  • How to Hire Only The Best People - 7 Questions to Ask Candidates

    10 min
  • 6 Success Traits Hiring Managers MUST Look For

    15 min
  • How to Attract and Hire The Best People (a-players)

    10 min
  • Hiring to Your Company’s Culture

    2 min


2 sessions
  • How to Fire a Salesperson

    11 min
  • When Should You Fire a Salesperson?

    4 min

Book Summary

2 sessions
  • DO HARD THINGS by Steve Magness

    8 min
  • Book Summary: The Effective Executive (by Peter Drucker)

    8 min

Be the leader your sales team needs

Develop Soft Skills for Effective Leadership

Develop the essential soft skills of communication, empathy, and rapport-building to inspire and lead your sales team to new heights.

Master Hard Skills for Strategic Advantage

Gain proficiency in analyzing market trends, navigating CRM systems, and applying sales technologies to drive informed strategic decisions.

Foster Adaptability and Resilience

Prepare to meet evolving customer demands and market changes with adaptability and resilience, ensuring sustained team performance and growth.

What other sales reps are saying

“There's so much I need to be at the top of my game when selling, from prospecting to rapport-building, running great discovery, presenting, negotiating, not to mention general professional skills like time management and emotional intelligence. With Triple Session, I find everything I need to learn and practice in one place and it's easy to track progress.”

Julia Moss
Account Executive

“The Triple Session training has been an invaluable asset for me as an Account Executive When you have been an AE for a while you can start getting complacent with your sales process. This training was key to helping me refine my skills in getting much deeper in discovery, selling to decision-makers, and closing bigger deals.”

Rudi Ribeiro
Principal Account Executive

“I have been using Triple Session since I was a junior Salesrep to learn the whole sales process and everything related. Today, as a Senior BDM, it continues to help me at the same level in sharpening all my skills- from the basic to the advanced ones. Definitely is a tool which helps me to deliver at the highest level.”

Maria Valadares
Senior Business Development Manager


Boost your sales results with the science of learning

We built Triple Session to replace boring and outdated sales training that just doesn't work. How? Using the science of micro-learning and habit-building.


Learn complex sales concepts turned into easy-to-digest lessons packed with actionable tactics, from 2 to 12 minutes each.


Take a quiz after each lesson with immediate feedback on your answers, consolidating what you learned from the instructor.


Review score and accuracy to understand your performance, and stay accountable with weekly training goals and competition.