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MEDDICC Methodology

The Sales Qualification Framework used by the world's most successful sales teams, drives efficient and predictable growth.

Course by
Matt Doyon

Matt Doyon

CEO @ Triple Session
What's included
  • 9 bite-sized video sessions
  • Gamified quiz after each session
  • Downloadable resources
"Transformed our qualification process, leading to predictable sales growth"
"MEDDICC has been a game-changer in identifying real sales opportunities"

Who is this course for?


Enterprise sales reps seeking a proven framework to efficiently qualify sales opportunities.


Sales managers and leaders aiming to implement a qualification process that uncovers real opportunities and aligns with complex buying processes.


Business development teams in enterprise environments looking to deepen engagement with stakeholders and drive sales with predictability.

What you'll learn

Course content overview

9 sessions
  • Introduction to MEDDICC

    10 min
  • Metrics

    13 min
  • Economic Buyer

    8 min
  • Decision Criteria

    8 min
  • Decision Process

    9 min
  • Identify Pain

    14 min
  • Champion

    14 min
  • Competition

    9 min
  • Root Cause Analysis

    12 min

Master Enterprise Sales with MEDDICC

Qualify with Precision

Learn to use MEDDICC to qualify opportunities efficiently, focusing on deals with real potential by understanding customer pain points, decision processes, and stakeholder strength.

Navigate Complex Sales Cycles

Gain insights into managing enterprise sales cycles by engaging multiple stakeholders, tailoring solutions to meet complex needs, and steering the buying process.

Drive Sales Success

Use MEDDICC to uncover deeper pains, influence buying criteria, and build champions within your prospects, leading to predictable and successful sales outcomes.

Meet your instructor

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What other sales reps are saying

“There's so much I need to be at the top of my game when selling, from prospecting to rapport-building, running great discovery, presenting, negotiating, not to mention general professional skills like time management and emotional intelligence. With Triple Session, I find everything I need to learn and practice in one place and it's easy to track progress.”

Julia Moss
Account Executive

“The Triple Session training has been an invaluable asset for me as an Account Executive When you have been an AE for a while you can start getting complacent with your sales process. This training was key to helping me refine my skills in getting much deeper in discovery, selling to decision-makers, and closing bigger deals.”

Rudi Ribeiro
Principal Account Executive

“I have been using Triple Session since I was a junior Salesrep to learn the whole sales process and everything related. Today, as a Senior BDM, it continues to help me at the same level in sharpening all my skills- from the basic to the advanced ones. Definitely is a tool which helps me to deliver at the highest level.”

Maria Valadares
Senior Business Development Manager

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