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Advanced LinkedIn Prospecting

Go beyond basic LinkedIn functionalities, stealing Jed's strategic approaches to significantly improve outbound sales results.

Course by
Jed Mahrle

Jed Mahrle

Creator of Practical Prospecting
What's included
  • 12 bite-sized video sessions
  • Gamified quiz after each session
  • Downloadable resources
"a new and refreshing approach to sales training"
"it's delivered in an easy-to-understand way"

Who is this course for?


Experienced sales professionals looking to strategically engage and nurture their network, turning their LinkedIn into a lead-gen powerhouse.


Ambitious sales reps who want a commanding digital presence, with persuasive profiles and authentic connections that lead to closed deals.


Sales leaders who want to empower their team with cutting-edge techniques for outreach, relationship-building, and social selling.

What you'll learn

Jed's thoughtful approach is what differentiates him. I've worked with a few different outbound agencies and services, but Jed's the only one to take a true deep dive into my ICP, our product's value prop, and how that can be delivered in an easy-to-understand way with a strategic CTA

Brian Hamor


Course content overview

12 sessions
  • Advanced Linkedin Prospecting Intro

    12 min
  • LinkedIn Prospecting: Targeting Content

    3 min
  • LinkedIn Prospecting: Targeting Events

    2 min
  • LinkedIn Prospecting: Targeting Active Job Posting

    3 min
  • LinkedIn Prospecting: Targeting Competitors

    2 min
  • LinkedIn Prospecting: Targeting Referrals

    3 min
  • Sales Navigator: Targeting First-Time Promotions

    3 min
  • Sales Navigator: Targeting Previous Customers

    2 min
  • Sales Navigator: Targeting Look-Alikes

    3 min
  • Sales Navigator: Targeting Roles

    4 min
  • Sales Navigator: Targeting Layoffs

    3 min
  • Advanced Linkedin Prospecting: Building Your Brand

    10 min

Go from connections to conversions using Linkedin the right way

Struggling to get prospecting results?

Discover how to craft LinkedIn messages that not only get noticed but get people to respond. Change your outreach by connecting on a personal level, making every message an opportunity for a successful deal.

Swamped by LinkedIn's huge network?

Learn the art of precision targeting on LinkedIn, focusing your efforts on the individuals most likely to engage. Jed's strategies help you cut through the noise, ensuring your message reaches the right people.

Can't break through the digital noise?

Jed shows you how to leverage your LinkedIn profile as a magnet for inbound leads, turning your digital presence into a powerful tool for attracting prospects, without the need for constant outreach.

Meet your instructor

Jed Mahrle Advanced LinkedIn Prospecting Course Video Intro

What other sales reps are saying

“There's so much I need to be at the top of my game when selling, from prospecting to rapport-building, running great discovery, presenting, negotiating, not to mention general professional skills like time management and emotional intelligence. With Triple Session, I find everything I need to learn and practice in one place and it's easy to track progress.”

Julia Moss
Account Executive

“The Triple Session training has been an invaluable asset for me as an Account Executive When you have been an AE for a while you can start getting complacent with your sales process. This training was key to helping me refine my skills in getting much deeper in discovery, selling to decision-makers, and closing bigger deals.”

Rudi Ribeiro
Principal Account Executive

“I have been using Triple Session since I was a junior Salesrep to learn the whole sales process and everything related. Today, as a Senior BDM, it continues to help me at the same level in sharpening all my skills- from the basic to the advanced ones. Definitely is a tool which helps me to deliver at the highest level.”

Maria Valadares
Senior Business Development Manager

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