AI Coach: find and fix deal issues before they result in closed-lost using AI
AI Coach

Sales Coaching on Autopilot with AI.

AI Coach gives actionable insight on every sales call, enabling teams to find and fix deal issues before they result in closed-lost.

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Get reps to close more deals with AI Coach

  • Check IconKnow (not guess) weak spots of every call.
  • Check IconSee who's following the playbook
  • Check IconReplicate top rep tactics across the team


Every sales manager knows the struggle...

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Reps get stuck in their ways even with a playbook

Feedback is often ignored if it isn't actionable and objective, with real evidence to back it up, which directly hurts revenue.

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No time to listen to call recordings

Managers and Enablers can't listen to every call, but the insights trapped in them are crucial for coaching and strategy.

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It's hard to know when and why reps lose deals

Without being a fly on the wall for every interaction, it's a challenge to pinpoint where and why deals are slipping through the cracks.


Call reviews at scale with AI Coach


Score every call and find where deals are at risk

AI Coach reviews every single call automatically. You get both deal insights and rep performance info. Reps can fix mistakes to save deals before they end up in closed-lost.

Feedback Report
Consistent Execution


Ensure team-wide playbook adoption

Use your own playbook as AI Coach's brain and get immediate clarity on how your team performs against it.

💡 Don't have a playbook? Use our templates built from sales best practices, or partner with us and we'll build one based on your company's objectives.


Say goodbye to manual CRM updates

Focus on closing deals and let AI handle the admin work. Autofill your CRM with key insights from every sales call and maximize selling time.

Tailored Coaching
Automated Email Follow-up


Keep prospects engaged with automated follow-ups

AI Coach turns your conversations into follow-up emails in seconds, drafting the perfect message based on your sales calls.


Watch your team develop week over week

Measure aggregated data from all call reviews over time on your AI Coach dashboard. Understand how each rep is progressing, using hard-data to improve how you coach.

Tailored Coaching
Consistent Execution


Get a coaching plan customized for each rep

No more one-size-fits-all training. After each call, AI Coach serves up actionable advice and custom training that's just right for the most impactful area each rep needs to work on.


Integrate with your call recording tool.

Currently, we integrate with Zoom, and we're adding more tools. Are you using a different tool? Talk to us and we'll make it happen, fast.


AI Coach Use Cases

Learn how AI Coach solves key challenges for sales teams.


Find and Fix Deal Gaps Early

Learn exactly where deals are at risk, and know what to do to ensure higher conversions.


See Who is Following the Playbook

Ensure team selling aligns with sales strategy and objectives.


Ramp Up New Reps Faster

Get new hires selling faster with immediate feedback and performance measuring.


See How Top Reps Crush Their Quota

Replicate top performer winning behaviors, guiding the team to reach quotas consistently.


Set Up a Playbook (Strategy to Execution)

Implement a measurable selling strategy from scratch based on industry best practices.


Drive Change With Every 1-1

Lead structured 1-1s that get reps improving week over week.

Win More Deals With Instant Feedback

Get actionable sales advice without waiting for your manager to review your calls.

How AI Coach works


Integrate with your call recording tool.


Get your report with a score and actionable insights in minutes.


See what went well and what needs work. Share with your reps.


The only call review tool connected to a training platform

Courses and micro-sessions to tackle any call performance gap

Mastering Objection Handling and Advanced Discovery Techniques Courses

Quizzes with feedback to test knowledge and a gamified UX

Mastering Objection Handling and Advanced Discovery Techniques Courses

Teams dashboard with analytics, activity and a leaderboard

Mastering Objection Handling and Advanced Discovery Techniques Courses

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Get automated sales call feedback for every deal with AI Coach

AI Coach

Get automated sales call feedback to find and fix gaps in every deal

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  • 50 calls reviewed a month
  • Integrate with Zoom, Gong, Teams and more
  • Use your own playbooks
  • Track call performance overtime

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